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Free USA Virtual Mobile Number for PayPal Phone Verification paypal phone verification in pakistan

Free USA Virtual Mobile Number for PayPal Phone Verification


Gone are the days when we used to verify PayPal in Pakistan easily within few hours but now they ask for your mobile number as well as credit or debit card. In order to get free USA virtual mobile number for PayPal Phone Verification you need to follow the simple steps mention below but before doing that you also need to make sure that your ISP(internet service provider) is not blocking VOIP calls otherwise you will not receive any of the calls at your virtual mobile number. In Pakistan PTCL blocks all these types of calls so you have to use other internet services like Wi-Tribe, Wateen or Qubee etc.


Things you Need to Setup First

1. No PTCL(make sure your ISP is not blocking VOIP calls)
2. Disable Windows Firewall.
3. Disable your Antivirus product.

Another thing to keep in mind that you can use this number to verify any other service like Gmail verification, ebay phone verification, Hotmail verification, Google voice number or any other account where you need to bypass US phone verification.

say no to ptcl

Install VPN Software

In order to create different SIP accounts you need USA IP address so you need to install VPN(virtual private network) software onto your computer in order to bypass your local IP address. I will recommend you ZenMate free VPN service or you can use any other service of your choice.

zenmate signup

Now visit Iptel.org website via US proxy and click on subscribe button located at the top right side of your screen.

iptel signup

Fill the form with your personal details and soon you will receive an email from CounterPath website with all your account information like SIP proxy, Account authorization name, password etc.

iptel info

It’s time for you to visit the IPKall website and create account with the help of SIP information you got in your email. IPKall will assign you the USA number which you need in order to verify your account.

ipkall info

After creating account you need to download X-Lite SIP software from the links mention below.

Download X-Lite for Windows
Download X-Lite for Mac

After downloading the software install it and open the program. Click on SoftPhone and Account settings menu. Here you need to provide all your info like User ID, Domain, Authorization name and password which you got in your email.

x-lite sip acount settings


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